Testify of the goodness of God

"And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony.." (Rev. 12:11)

“Broken and confused, ready to give up the fight, she felt the holy spirit lead her to revival one night. Little did she know this would be the night, she'd come out of the darkness and walk into the light, this would be the first day of her new life. The music started she worshipped and praised going thru the motions, like every time before, suddenly the music stopped and the speaker called her forward, she wanted to run but something inside wanted more she had a great craving for more of the Lord. God spoke to her and said "my child you're bound but thru me your new life can be found, cry out to me I'll make you free I wear the victor's crown. Thoughts of fear begin to unfold, as others gathered 'round, she started to run, what would they see? What would they hear? Then God spoke to her and said my child your redemption is near, are you ready and willing? Seek my face I'm here. The speaker spoke and her words burned like fire, she knew Deliverance was upon her, this would be the hour, she spoke to the things of darkness that had her bound and took authority in the name of the one who wears the victors crown All at once she felt a struggle, she was torn deep within, she had to let go so she gave in, she answered the call, gave up surrendered all, then Jesus came like a violent win, rescued her from the grave, took away all her sin The things that happened next she could not tell, she was light as a feather, her burdens lifted, she had been rescued from the pit of Hell To God be the glory, for a willing vessel allowed herself to be used, she'd no longer be broken and confused She's free and hidden beneath the shadows of her almighty king, amazing what God can do when we give him everything Her mind is now clear, not an ounce of fear or doubt, Jesus took her soul and cleaned it out, a princess to the throne, she'll never be alone Jesus took the heavy load, He came and took it all away and today she can faithfully say, she's cleansed, forgiven and free, by the power of The Great I Am who, forever reigns and has all authority.”



“Several years ago the enemy attacked my mind. I knew something wasn't right with me, but I couldn't identify it. I would cry day and night still not understanding why. In the midst of the turmoil, I constantly talked to God. I knew Satan had his hands on the situation. One night, while on a prayer-line I heard Prophetess Graham speak. Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying, "She has what you need." At first I was skeptical about talking to her, because I didn't know her. When I told her what the Holy Spirit had said she said she would pray about it and get back with me. Two weeks later, she called me with a word from God. It was mind boggling because I had never talked to her about the situation. She knew details that no one but God could have revealed to her. After several conversations and deep prayer, God used her to break a 38-year-old ungodly soul-tie off of my life. Today I am totally healed, delivered, and set free from the bondage of that soul-tie.”


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