Broken But Not
Shattered Ministries


Broken But not shattered minis

Broken But Not Shattered Ministries

One of the lost keys of intimacy with God through fasting presents an inclusive guide to readers on fasting: what fasting is, how it is evident in communicating with God and what types of fasts to participate in. Chapter by chapter, D’Jamildo Graham provides information and resources that highlights the proper discipline and practices of fasting that your everyday Christian needs to seek and gain an intimate relationship with God. Everyone from new Christians, seasoned men and women of God, to those simply seeking, this book provides fulfilling insight into how to deepen your relationship with the Father through fasting. D’Jamildo Graham’s hope is readers will feel motivated to fast to re-establish intimacy with God and not for show or personal gain. Going through her own trials and tribulations, D’Jamildo Graham prays that you can use her book, testimony, and experience for the advancement of your relationship and revelation of God.